Project Overview

The Executive Master of Business Administration(EMBA) is a comprehensive and systematic education in Business Administration for senior executives. EMBA emphasizes the combination of advanced foreign management concepts with Chinese institutional environment and practice, drives the learning and perception of management theory with a large number of successful enterprise cases, attaches importance to the cultivation of modern management concepts and the training of global management vision, and improves the leadership and strategic decision-making ability of senior managers in overall planning and overall control, and cultivate enterprise leaders.

The EMBA education program of Shaanxi Master of Business Administration Institute was established in 2003. It aims to promote Shaanxi's reform and opening up and economic growth. Based on local practice and in accordance with international standards, it aims to cultivate a group of senior management talents with good business ethics, leadership and decision-making ability, modern management knowledge and adaptability to international competitive environment. By October 2021, it has set up twenty-two rounds of EMBA research classes, and recruited and trained 1560 management elites, most of whom are core decision-making members of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, public institutions and private enterprises in Shaanxi province.