The comprehensive training defense of the 2020 MBA Longhua class and Yulin class of the school headquarters was successfully held
Published on: 2022-07-22 10:03:36      Number of hits: 2894

From August 12th to 14th, the comprehensive training defense for the 2020 MBA Longhua class and Yulin class of the school headquarters was successfully held. Zhao Xiping, deputy dean of the college, and seven experts from the course group made a special trip to Yulin and Shenmu to provide on-site guidance for the defense of the comprehensive training.

In the Longhua MBA class, the college has set up comprehensive trainings of "Project Management Simulation" and "Strategic Management Simulation" according to the needs of enterprise management and the characteristics of students. Under the guidance of the tutor, the eight groups completed their research successfully after two months of teamwork including topic selection, material collection, analysis and manuscript writing.

In the Yulin MBA class, students participate in the comprehensive training for "Business Planning". The students spontaneously formed ten entrepreneurial groups, and selected topics based on their respective practice fields and entrepreneurial directions. After two months of practice and conclusion, combined with expert review opinions and guidance, the students had a more systematic and profound understanding of how to do a good job in entrepreneurial projects.

The comprehensive training is an important reform measure of the curriculum training system based on IACBE international certification. It aims to cultivate students' ability to comprehensively use management theories, tools and methods to solve practical problems in a complex and uncertain environment. It is a new exploration and attempt of our college to continuously improve teaching quality and consolidate practical teaching. Through this course, students can effectively review the management knowledge they have learned, and apply them in their own management practice, which improves their abilities to combine theory and practice.