Xidian University Educational Division


Xidian University is a national key university with information and electronics as its main subject and coordinated development of engineering, management and literature. It is directly under the Ministry of Education and is one of the key construction universities in the national "Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform" project and the "211 Project". The school's information and communication engineering, computer science and technology were selected as national "double first-class" construction disciplines.

The School of Economics and Management of Xidian University was founded in 1980. It has 5 first-level disciplines including applied economics, management science and engineering, and business administration, as well as 11 secondary disciplines such as national economics, industrial economics, finance, management science and engineering, etc. There are 5 professional master’s degree authorization points including Business Administration (MBA) and Project Management (MPM), etc., and has formed a comprehensive discipline and talent training system that spans the two major categories of economics and management. It has formed the disciplinary characteristics of the integration of management, economics and information, and has become an important base for scientific research, personnel training and social services in economics and management disciplines in the central and western regions of the country, providing solid academic support for cultivating high-quality MBA talents oriented to the information industry.

In the mid-1990s, Xidian University launched standardized MBA education, which has trained a large number of outstanding senior management talents for the country, and has a good discipline support system, teaching staff and educational experience for MBA training. Xidian University’s MBA education adheres to the discipline advantages of the school and the college, aims to cultivate “business leaders, entrepreneurs and management experts in the information age”, and has formed distinctive school-running characteristics such as “Global vision, serving the West” “Intensified training of team awareness” “International Expansion of study tour” “Strategic simulation and training” and “Cultivation of humanistic spirit”.