The 23rd EMBA Student Yulin Research Activities of Shaanxi Master of Business Administration Institute
Published on: 2022-09-13 16:55:17      Number of hits: 3491

From August 13th to 15th, more than 40 students of the 23rd EMBA of the college, led by the deputy monitor Xin Qian, went to Yulin to carry out a three-day research activity. Zhao Xiping, deputy dean of the college, member of the party committee, director of the market development department, and other members of the team participated in the activity.

During the three-day activities, teachers and students went to Zhongneng Coalfield Co., Ltd. to visit and study, and held discussions with Party Secretary and Chairman Dang Yaming of Zhongneng Coalfield Co., Ltd., members of the leadership team, and heads of relevant departments, and conducted in-depth communication on the digital transformation of modern enterprises, demonstration of corporate party building culture, and local economic development. Through the activity, the students have gained a lot. Everyone realizes that digitalization can bring new opportunities for enterprises to innovate their business models and service scenarios. The digital transformation of enterprises is not only the transformation of technology and organization, but also the reshaping of the entire value chain. 

Everyone expressed that in the future work, they should further carry forward the spirit of seeking truth from facts and hard work, and apply the new knowledge and new experience acquired to the actual operation and management of enterprises.